Small Business Saturday

Are you a Black Friday shopper? I have to admit... I am most definitely not. I worked retail throughout college. Though I've not experienced any of the crazy stories that you might hear about in the media of workers being treated unfairly or customers being trampled, I wouldn't wish a Black Friday shift on anyone. There's an unspoken agreement between retail workers that the "black in Black Friday doesn't really stand for annual profits breaking out of the red... but for the doom that the day can present to those who experience it from behind the scenes.

I remember one year while working at The Children's Place a customer approached me and asked, "Why is the mall so busy today?" In my mind I was thinking wow, have you been living under a rock? But then I recognized that her accent was not American, and I tried my best to explain the ridiculous American tradition that is the biggest shopping day of the year.

Especially now as a web-based small business owner, I avoid any store on Black Friday like the plague. What could be more convenient then shopping from your own home? Thank goodness for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, amiright?

So if you're anything like me, I hope you'll support small businesses this weekend in lieu of spending hours circling the parking lot and standing in lines only to find out that what you wanted to purchase is already long gone.

You might also notice a few new additions to the shop that will help you with your holiday shopping:

The 2013 Clever Betty Tea Towel Calendar

And for all you DIY fans out there, check out the PDF stocking download!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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