Things I've learned this week...

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts. I suppose I'm in a listmaking mood in lieu of regular posting.

1. People love the heck out of anything yellow. Especially people who shop and sell on Etsy. Of the three items that I sell that are made from yellow and grey fabric, Clever Betty has been featured on the front page of Etsy twice, in 10 treasuries, and 3 of those items have sold. Is this just a summer thing, or should I always be on the lookout for such awesome yellow fabric as I have now? (compliments of that lovely coworker that left last week; she found it for me at an estate sale on a whim!)

2. Sunday nights will from now on be reserved for cooking a great meal with Sean. We almost always eat dinner together, but last night Sean fired up the grill, (said he was feeling manly after changing his oil and mowing the lawn) I brought him a beer, and then got to work on some baked mac 'n cheese, asparagus and cupcakes. Then we watched the first episode of Dexter. I'm already in love with it, but since Sean's a psychologist, he's having a hard time getting behind the main character... which is understandable. I think he just knows a bit more than most of us about the human mind, which I'm sure can be distracting with such a show.

3. I really miss having a dog around. (Mom and Dad, do not read that this means I want to adopt Lily) It was just nice to have her around, especially because she's so well trained and basically just wants to sit close to you and have her head petted. Oh, and treats. She always wants treats. But then, who doesn't?

4. I could ride my bike for hours, and it makes me dislike running even more. Seriously, you still get a great workout, there's a natural breeze to keep you cool, you can go further faster and you can still be understood when talking without keeling over in the middle of your conversation. Try it.

5. Weddings can get really ridiculously expensive if you let them. Being such a frugal person... it's pretty painful to think about. But in the end, we're going to have a beautiful day, and half the fun is happening right now as we pick out all the details for it all. This is the kind of day I was born for... an excuse to make pretty things for the sake of being pretty and all about us :)

6. 27" iMacs are HUGE. I'm pretty sure my last tv was smaller than this screen. I'm currently basking in the glory of a new (much needed) computer at work. Now if only the bookstore would get CS5 in stock I'd be golden.

7. There are some decent people who are actually searching for furniture on Craigslist that don't want to harm you. Read: some. Fortunately those are the folks that are inquiring about my furniture at the moment, but just to be safe... all meetings are set up during the day with Sean present. It makes me sad that I have to prep like this, but I've heard too many Craigslist stories...

8. I feel extremely accomplished when organizing all of the stuff I've unpacked at Sean's. We're on a major cleaning kick. He's even going through his boxes and getting rid of stuff. We've got a pile of Goodwill and/or consignment stuff the size of Mount McKinley. I'm pushing for a yard sale, but we'll see how that goes.

9. My future mother in law opened an Etsy shop with her best friend! They're just getting started but I'm pretty certain it's going to be full of awesome antiques and vintage finds- jewelry, dishware, glass... you name it. I'm so proud! Go check out their story- it's ridiculously cute.

10. When you forgot to shave your armpits, grabbing your fiance's electric razor because it was conveniently in the car console when you're running late to an event might seem like a great, and convenient, idea. However, when your pits aren't used to such a razor, you've got to be a bit more gentle... as in, I had absolutely no idea that electric razors (you know the ones with the three round dealies on the head) could draw blood. FYI: they do.

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  1. Two things: One, your post made me smile because Jarrod and I have the same tradition on Sunday nights--we love it and it is always good to know we are in good company :)

    Two, I have some things I'd like to sell at a garage/yard sale--I say we organize a group one in the next several weeks. What do you think?



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