Summer Showers, Part 2

I'm switching gears a bit for this post to talk about a baby shower I co-hosted, instead of being the guest (bride) of honor, with my mother-in-law Karen for my sister-in-law Mary in July.

Karen came up with the wonderful idea of a "cute as a button" theme and we built everything around that idea from invitations, to food, to decor, to activities. Below you can see the invitation I designed and crafted. The blue polka dot is scrapbook paper, the brown is fabric cut with pinking shears, and the "E" button at the top is polymer clay sewn with embroidery thread. The frame next to the invite is how Derek and Mary announced to the family at Christmas that they were expecting- Grandma and Grandpa each got a frame picturing the same message.

The guest of honor arrived with her husband, who stuck around to hang out with the boys, handle parking outside, and of course pack the gifts for the ride home!

Mary, Karen and I. I was having a horrible hair day, unfortunately... which I'll always blame on Missouri weather. Mary, of course, looked gorgeous!

Our first task was a fun activity for the guests to participate in. We had onesies, fabric, cutout shapes to trace, and permanent iron on glue sheets so each guest could create a custom onesie for the new baby. After they finished, we took an instant photo of the guest with their onesie and pasted it to a page of fill in the blank wishes for the baby. The blue album in the photo below was where we compiled all of the wish pages and photos. Mary says she loves having such a detailed memory of who created which onesie, and of course all of the thoughtful hopes and dreams for the baby boy the guests left on their wish pages.

Derek and I even got in on the fun!

Karen decorated with lines of clothes-pinned onesies, bibs and socks, and even made the adorable arrangement of flowers accented with button centers and wrapped in receiving blankets seen below. We provided snack foods: chicken salad, fruit, cucumber sandwiches, and button cookies, for guests to refuel after making them get crafty. Mary opened tons of wonderful gifts, and we gave out button frames as favors to thank the guests.

The end of the shower was commenced with a belly contest... between Mary, and Darryl... our father in law! It was all in good fun of course- I just love their smiles in this photo. The winner of said contest is still up for debate :)

I had such a fun time planning this shower for Mary, and collaborating with Karen to do so. It was really neat to see the guests create the onesies and think about what they wished for his future before even meeting him. Derek and Mary walked away with so many thoughtful and much needed gifts. I can't help but look back at these photos and remember how much love filled Karen and Darryl's home that day in anticipation of meeting the newest member of our family. Obviously I have much updating to do on the little guy since last July... but up next, there's still one more shower to recap!

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