Summer Showers, Part 3

I was lucky enough to be the guest of honor for two bridal showers last summer. In August, my maid of honor Emily and mother-in-law Karen threw a 50's housewife themed shower that was out of this world. They sent out a recipe card with the invitations, and guests arrived with the recipe card filled out with one of their favorites to add to my new Rifle Paper Co. recipe box. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to open that gift- it's one of my favorite things we received for our wedding.

My mom and dad came to town to help with the shower. The guys stayed outside to deal with parking (after Sean took all these wonderful photos, of course!) and my mom helped with cooking and setting up the party. They greeted me at the door in pearls and aprons and ushered me in to open my own polka dot apron and a set of pearl jewelry.

Emily and Karen know I'm not one that likes being the center of attention, so they made the shower open house style. There were so many gifts, however, that I ended up spending the first half of the shower opening everything in front of everyone anyway, as all the guests decided to come at almost the same time! There's about a million photos of me doing the exact same thing as I'm doing in the pic below with all of the awesome gifts we received. I loved this one though- it's an egg tray that looks like a paint palette from Anthropologie, gifted by my lovely bridesmaids. I love deviled eggs, so we get a lot of use out of this tray.

My bridesmaids Anna, Crista, Emily and Becky below.

 One photo with the groom and the shower decor before we kicked him out to hang out with the other guys outside :)

Speaking of the decor, it was absolutely perfect! Karen noticed all of these vintage framed bridal ads at the local shop where she purchased her dress for the wedding. They were more than willing to let her borrow them for the day to decorate the shower. Gotta love small towns! There were also plenty of photos of Sean and I from our engagement shoot, and lots of other details to tie in the whole 50's housewife theme. They definitely know me well... there were Pyrex bowls, pies as game prizes, cookbooks, an old fashioned mixer, a rolling pin, more recipe cards, and pretty flowers.

There were two games- one was a scratcher ticket, and the other was a fill in the blank housewife game, both of which Emily found on Etsy. The guests had a really fun time filling in the ridiculous statements of what a housewife should be. They were all statements that used to appear in ads like this one that we all thought were hilarious when compared to today's standards.

 I had such a fun time at this shower, and again was thrilled to be the guest of honor. It's a good feeling when people want to celebrate you, and I couldn't be any more grateful for the memories of such a fun celebration leading up to our wedding day.

One last thing that I know I'll never forget about this day... just a few hours after Mary left the shower to go to another get together with some of her friends at a bowling alley, her water broke (yes... at the bowling alley, poor girl!) and baby Elliot was born the very next day. I'm really glad we have photos of her full-term belly just hours before she went into labor!

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  1. Lauren, Didn't know you were back on your blog site. Accidentally went to look. These posts are wonderful!!!! Brings back great memories of such good times. I enjoyed looking at all of them.It was really fun, makes me wonder what I'm doing with my time since then. It was a busy year. Loved every minute of it. Thanks for sharing! Karen


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